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Like many other men in his family, Dexter decided upon graduation from high school to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. While serving, Dexter suffered injuries that deemed him unable physically serve. Because of this, Dexter was given an honorable discharge from the Corps. New Age Development Group is designated as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with the Small Business Administration and seeks opportunities through this designation .

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, New Age Development is committed to providing its services as a GC/CM firm to the needs of government agencies that seek a dedicated team of qualified personnel with extensive experience working on government projects. New Age currently holds a 5 year IDIQ contract with the Philadelphia Naval Yard. New Age understands the importance of completing projects on-time and within budget and makes it a priority to meet and exceed these requirements on every project it undertakes.



Retail & Corporate Interiors

Your thriving corporate business depends on having the right space, right now. You have no time to wait, nor can you suffer the distraction of painters, plumbers and electricians in your way. New Age dedicated staff uses our triple-punch of speed, economy and superior craftsmanship to work in, around, behind and through projects for corporate image improvement, tenant fit-outs, ADA upgrades and base building retrofits.

Science & Healthcare

We know of nothing more important than the health and comfort of your patients. New Age Development Group’s unique scheduling process lets us respond minute-by-minute to your changing patient population and operations, moving quickly into and out of spaces to get work done with scarcely any noise, dust, or disturbance.  We know the economic challenge facing today’s medical providers and we respond with outstanding quality at remarkably low cost.

Industrial & Warehouse

Your process, your equipment and your material handling and transportation requirements are first priority in selecting a site, a design and a contractor for your new industrial location. At New Age we understand the unique needs of both large corporations and private entrepreneurs. With flexible delivery options including design/build, construction management, cost guarantees and fast-track scheduling, we’ll have you in and open for business.

Project Planning

At New Age Development Group we utilize our staff to work closely with you during each phase of your project—from municipality permitting, feasibility and scope development, scheduling, through execution and final punch list. We also offer New Age Development Group Value-Engineering and Budget/Design Development Synchronizing, a program whereby we apply our expertise to analyze the methods and materials planned for your project to help you meet your goals in the most cost-efficient manner. 

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